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City & Land: A Studio Exhibition

Over the past year Andrew has been working on a new series of drawings and paintings based on his travels around Europe, brought together for the first time in a unique studio exhibition.

Square at Palma, 85x80cm, Oil

Spanish City, 95x95cm, Oil

Experimentation with a whole range of different media is at the heart of Andrew’s new body of work. Using a combination of oil paint, bitumen, barge paint and exterior paint has opened up a wealth of new colours, and the way in which they interact has provided different, often unexpected, textures. Embracing this element of chance in his work, Andrew has been using the paint in a very liquid state to lessen the amount of control he has even further, allowing for happy accidents and new possibilities to emerge.

London Study

Photo courtesy of Alice Hendy

Once this initial stage is complete Andrew works back into the paintings to provide structure and cohesion, using his preparatory drawings and studies for reference. Drawing plays a fundamental part in Andrew’s process, as it is where key decisions over composition and perspective are made.

“Sketching on location enables me to become very familiar with both the look and feel of a place; information which I can then take back into the studio.”

Collioure France Study

Near Mazzaro Sicily Study

Sardinia Study

Beach at Cap Ferrat, 110x85cm, Oil

City & Land showcases the balance between spontaneity and control in painting, echoing the expansive nature of our landscapes and coastlines alongside the structure that defines our cities. The exhibition also provides an exclusive opportunity to see behind the scenes in Andrew’s studio and learn more about his inspiration and creative process.

Photo courtesy of Alice Hendy

City & Land will be on show at Jamaica Street Artists Sat 25 Nov 11am – 5pm & Sun 26 Nov 11am – 4pm with all works available to purchase.

Places are limited so please RSVP:



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